Dr. Larry Pearson’s Retirement message to Patients



New patients will be contacted prior to their first visit. The patient should provide all information requested at that time, such as name, address, Social Security number of patient and spouse, employer of patient and spouse, insurance coverage. Returning patients will also be contacted to verify current insurance information. Please make us aware of any changes in your insurance prior to your next office visit.


Our office will file your insurance for you. Patients who reside out of state are required to bring a deposit at the time of service since insurance benefits vary with regard to coverage, deductible, and co-pay. Any credit balances will be refunded to you in a timely manner.

Special arrangements for payments can be made (a) to establish a payment plan for extensive treatment or (b) for balances remaining after your insurance has made payment.

We will assist you in obtaining maximum coverage from your insurance; however, you must notify us if your insurance has any restrictions on where you can have services provided.

Please contact our Billing Office at: (262) 785-1964.


The physicians of West Suburban Center for Arthritis participate in the Medicare program, and we accept assignment on all claims. We will file your claim to Medicare and follow up with secondary insurance when applicable. You will not be asked to pay for services the day of your appointment.

Medicaid – Title XIX

A valid card must be presented at the time of each visit and all co-payments must be paid at each visit. Failure to comply will result in a re-scheduled appointment. Exceptions will be made only in an emergency.

Insurances Requiring Referrals

Patients must contact their primary care physician for a referral. Primary care offices are responsible for getting the referral through that payers’ website. If a referral is not in place at the time of your appointment, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Patients Not Covered by Insurance

You will be asked to speak to someone in our Billing Office to make arrangements for payment prior to seeing a physician.


A patient who is hospitalized will be contacted by telephone at a later date to make arrangements for payment.

Credit Cards

For your convenience, the office accepts Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Credit card payment is accepted on this website, over the phone or on your return statement. Call us for information about your account at the Billing Office: (262) 785-1964.


You are encouraged to be familiar with your insurance policy, including specific stipulations and subsequent changes which may occur in your coverage. When our office has complete insurance information, we can help you obtain maximum coverage. However, our office does not have a contract with your insurance company. The contract is between you and the company, and the responsibility for payment of balance that has not been paid by your insurance company is yours.